Stark Associates offers validation support services in devising a roadmap for enterprise-wide compliance maturity through combining people, processes, tools, and methodology for continuous improvement. Ensuring continuous compliance with implementation of best practices and industry standards will bring in cost benefits and process excellence. Stark Associates’s execution methodology enables organizations in operational efficiency, assured compliance and optimized processes ensuring business continuity.

  • Computer System Validation
  • Equipment Validation
  • Process Validation
  • Cleaning Validation
  • Validation consulting and management
  • Validation planning and implementation
  • Validation program and project management
  • Compliance, policy and procedures monitoring
  • Compliance metrics analysis
  • Technical authoring
  • Document management
  • CAPA process improvement
  • System review and analysis
  • Process standardization and harmonization
  • Process maturity audit support

Rigorous validation of IT infrastructure, software management, application change management, Equipment, Process, Cleaning and documentation consumes a lot of effort to address the ever-changing compliance needs of life sciences companies. Stark Associates is equipped with and provides strong domain and technology consulting services to help you achieve compliance with respective industry standards and guidelines.