Trial Monitoring

Stark Associates offer holistic, customised, flexible global clinical monitoring services either in full or part service model. By leveraging our comprehensive capabilities in identifying and mitigating risks ensuring faster results, we drive informed decisions in a cost effective manner.

The changes made to the regulatory guidance in November 2016, has brought in a paradigm shift in the approach towards clinical monitoring. The focus has shifted from a traditional approach, based on source data verification to more proactive, industry trending ‘risk based approach’. The risk-based monitoring proffered by us focuses on detecting and resolving errors which could lead to risks. Supported by latest technology, analytics and domain knowledge we ensure efficient decisions and improved study outcomes.

We have a team of dedicated experienced professionals with expertise in therapeutic domain, newer techniques, technologies, current regulations and legislatures. They are ably supported by our global operations and central monitoring teams, ensuring a data-focused monitoring approach by driving risk based solutions.

We endeavour to meet your requirements by offering a variety of tailored monitoring approaches like:

  • Customised monitoring services
  • Centralized monitoring services
  • Risk based monitoring services
  • Adaptive monitoring services
  • Patient centric monitoring services
By offering:
  • Latest analytics
  • Real time access to data trends
  • Domain expertise
  • Holistic subject-level data review
  • To identify and manage key risk indicators
  • Targeted on-site monitoring activities
  • Site specific support solutions

Our clinical monitoring services strive to enhance the data quality by minimising the risk and complexity involved in the study, ensuring that the focus is on patient safety and data integrity however in a cost and time effective manner.